Portrait done by my talented Aunty in the Philippines. 
Jack was even smiling in the original photo. 

equestrians of 2012; add some amazing things you did this year with horses

equinefeather: I got my very first horse and jumped up 2 feet
warmblood-wanderlust: Got my project up to 2 1/2ft and started boarding Sunshine at the best place imaginable for her!
stirrupless: absolutely nothing! completely failed this year and took like one step forward and ten steps back .__.
trotting-on: I started riding my trainers mare, who is a more difficult ride! I also jumped 3ft 9 (a major stretch) with Fiddler and we now school at 3ft 6 which is so much higher than half a year ago when we were schooling at 2ft 9.
where-the-wild-horses-are: I started showing up to 80cm and schooling up to 1m and rode seven different horses (:
dev-eq: I got a new trainer and I ride at two places now
equestri3nne: We went on our first trail ride together.
A gift from my parents when they came back from Philippines <3


For all my dressage fans!

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Flying changes
Best day with my handsome man :)

I love this the dressage horse is so calm and collected and the western on just looks bad-ass

I’ve been staring at this for way too long.